An international collaboration of musicians, Il Furioso specialises in recording early Italian Baroque music for virtuoso voices, lutes and harpsichord, rediscovered and resurrected through the research of Il Furioso lutenists and musicologists David Dolata and Victor Coelho.

G.G. Kapsberger, Libro Secondo d’Arie

“ll Furioso’s rock’n’roll approach, energised by Gian Paolo Fagotto’s ballsy singing and superb recorded sound, lifts these 17th-century songs of joy and sorrow from the page with irresistible force.” – Andrew Stewart, Music Week (2007)

“In short, this is one recording that anyone interested in Roman music of the early 17th century must have. It is a sensitive, resonant, and effective collection that demonstrates the musical genius of the composer.” – Bertil van Boer, Fanfare (2013)

Bellerofonte Castaldi: Battaglia d’Amore

“The accompaniment of Victor Coelho and Dolata can be nicely subdued, giving the vocal numbers a Troubadour quality, but in their solos they truly shine. For those interested in an alternative world to Monteverdi or the beginnings of the Venetian style, this is an indispensable disc.”  – Bertil van Boer, Fanfare (2013)

G.F Handel, The Complete “Amen, Alleluia” Arias

“Vraiment magnifique. C’est vrai qu’on est sous le charme. Une voix d’une pureté incroyable.” – Emmanuelle Vigne et Melchior Gormand, RCF Radio, France (2018)

“Victor Coelho, David Dolata, and Juvenal Correa-Salas…are a model of restraint and elegance in the extracts from three purely instrumental sonatas by Pittoni, as well as the lengthy introduction to Handel’s setting HWV275.” – Curtis Rogers, Music Web-International (2017)

Il Furioso’s activities are funded by Florida International University and Boston University with additional support from Mount Royal College, the University of Calgary, Istituto Laboratorio di Musica Antica, Provincia di Pordenone, and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Udine e Pordenone.